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Saturday, July 01, 2006

World Cup Fever...IT'S ON!!

Ok ppl, sorry for the long leave of absence...but apart from exams I also have nothing to blog abt so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!

So I'm sure our household aren't the only ones who have caught World Cup Fever. I have to say though, I am quite disappointed with this years Cup...I mean, where r all the cute guys?? I remember back in my day, soccer used to be filled with great looking guys. There would always be AT LEAST one cute guy in each team but this year??? NADA! Think about it statistically...there are 11 players to a team (obviously not including the subs) from 20 different nationalities....that is a potential of 220 good looking guys. So I ask, where did they all go?? I mean, I know there's more to life than being really really REALLY ridiculously good looking but u have to admit the games themselves have not been all that entertaining so they have to give us something else rite?? Even the very entertaining Oscar deserving acting which includes numerous variations of the clutching of the ankles and rolling around as if in great agony becomes quite tiresome after the first 40...but I have to admit, I am still loving the attempts at the "spectacular kicks" (the ones where they do the reverse fly kick legs flaying in the air kind). NOTE TO SOCCER PLAYERS: if u must attempt this manouver, PUH LEASE for the sake of embarrassing urselves, at least make contact with the ball! This does not mean that the ball actually has to go INTO the net but at least fudge it enough so that it doesn't seem like u r a complete retard. See Peter Crouch and John Aloisi for examples. HANG UR HEAD IN SHAME BOYS!!!!

ps is it just me or has there been a number of "inappropriate touching" in these games?? I mean, save it for off field ppls!!


Blogger ferrarista said...

I'm lovin' the World Cup so far. And I'm not really sure why. The games haven't really been all that (the Germany vs. Argentina QF match was positively boring...no rolling around, scarce goals...BORING!!). I guess its the fact that this event happens only once in 4 years and the enthusiasm of soccer fans is very infectious.

Am so disappointed that England lost to Portugal. Wankers!! That means I don't get to see Stevie Gerrard anymore :( Can't believe he has two kids!!!! Loser! Loser, I tell you!

Anyhoos, I hope that Germany beats Italy in their SF...For the sakes of Michael, Ralfie boy and myself :)


3:57 PM  
Blogger Leenz said...

Yeh, am soooo disappointed that England lost :( Wtf is the purpose of Lampard?? He sure as hell aint getting paid to stand around and NOT look pretty (and if he is, I'd be requesting a damn refund) I'm blaming him for the catoseismic loss to Portugal...wot a loser

Anywho, all hopes are now on Portugal to win...how ironic :*


4:01 AM  

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