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Monday, April 17, 2006

Wot's up with the Curtin network???

People, puh-lease, for the good of man kind, fix your fucking network!!! We don't pay an arm, a leg and a kidney (well, really I don't pay an arm and a leg because I'm a citizen and put it all on HECS =D but the international students don't pay all of the above) for the network to be down during the time where uni students need it the most! They couldn't have done this during the summer months when the only ppl who needed it were the poor bastids who had to stay behind for summer school. FUCK NO! They have to do it now when students should be on holidays but the bitchass lecturers decided to bombard them with a million and one assignments instead. They're probably thinking "well, if we don't have a holiday cos we're stuck marking student's piece-of-shite done-in-the-last-minute-with-the-intent-that-a-2-is-better-than-zero assignments, than they shouldn't either." Hello ppl??? If you didn't give us sooo many assessment pieces due all at the same time, then we wouldn't have this problem.

But I digress. The point is that Curtin really needs to fix its priorities. They are currently spending all our student fees into fixing the scrubland that's outside Elizabeth Jolley...Ppl, I repeat this...fixing the scrubland!!! Wot the fuck is there to fix??? The rock that's out of place because it's a browny colour where the rest of the scenerey is green? Or the 10year old tree that's just not quite right because it's taller than the other scrubs? It's bad enough that they've blocked off that whole section so us perpetually late comers have no means of getting in other than to either (a) come in through the front and get cained by our lecturers or (b) walk right around so that we're even later, but to spend our fees on landscape rather than fixing the dodgy 10 000yo no-safety-mechanism-so-be-careful-not-to-stick-your-hand-in-unless-you-want-to-end-up-like-Frodo centrifuges in Pharmacy, or the really old comparable to those Ataris and Commodore 64 coms of the 1980s in Engineering is just a laugh. Who is going to notice/care that they've replaced the scrublands with probably yet another flower garden?

Shite, I digressed again...I was suppose to be on the point about Curtin's internet! As well as infecting my already fucked up laptop with their network, another gripe I have is this stupid websense filtering thing. They have blocked out everything, entertainment mostly and chatting but other stuff as well. If you want to access these blocked sites, you have to use your own time (which u have 180mins of). Yeh, I'm sure that looking up the origin of pyrogens is really entertainment. It's completely comparable to getting trashed on a Friday night! Actually, there's a thought...Hm...mabye a new drinking game...a round of shots everytime the word "pyrogen" is mentioned =D Yeh baby!!!


Blogger ferrarista said...

Your blog is just too damn funny Linda!! Unfortunately, its so damn true!!!

Like seriously, being an international student doesn't mean that I can afford to fund Curtin's bloody landscaping program!! Like seriously, in the not-so-recent past we had a cactus planted outside the engg. bldg!!! No one gave two shites, so you'd think that they would just leave the damn thing alone, but NO!!! I think they fuckin uprooted the damn thing and planted roses for us instead...That money could soooo be used to give us better computers in our faculty...Honestly, we, the Electronic and Communication engineers are supposed to have state-of-the-art facilities/hardware/software, instead, all they give us are bloody cacti and roses to brag about!!!

As for the Curtin network, I seriously have nothing to say...the thing is a monstrosity and a complete bitch and thats just me being polite!!!

3:14 PM  
Blogger Leenz said...

A cactus??? Really?? OK that's just too damn funny! Maybe Pam can kill it ;D Yeh it's funny cos it's true!
I think I've been logged on and off msn more times than Ron Dennis has worn his leather jacket.

3:21 PM  
Blogger ferrarista said...

Hahaha!!! Love your Ron's jacket-MSN analogy!! And yeah, we did have a damn cactus!! Bloody hell!!

4:59 PM  
Blogger pj said...

ladies, ladies..


man! i do not kill cactuses, fyi.
by the way, the reason why they're spending loadsa money on the grasslands and whatsit is because curtin wins prizes for having the most 'beautiful' garden / landscape every yr. and apparently that brings in the new students = more money.

honestly speaking, curtin has got LOADS of money. if you check their website, they have a publishing of their previous year's financial accounts and you can see like, how much money they have. trust me. they're filthy rich.

and i reckon the reason why engineering's got such crap computers is plainly cos the commerce side funds the whole campus, and perhaps engineering students are poor. i mean, u pay the same amount of money for one unit (Int. $8000, dom. $2000).. y'see??

and yeah, i HATE the curtin network too.
Did I tell you guys? I got an email from the network security people and they told me they were going to shut down my account because apparently I used it for downloading music. And this was in MID-2005. They're crazy.
I could not give a fuck.

Haha! I've got my cert now, you fuckers! ha ha ha!

10:42 AM  
Blogger pj said...

by the way, when i said 'fuckers', i was referring to the curtin network security people. :)

10:43 AM  
Blogger pj said...

and i remember i bombed a whole lotta money on internet back during uni.

I'm prolly the only person I know who used up her internet in 3 hours downloading music videos.

bloody hell. #$%^&* money-grabbing curtin.

10:44 AM  
Blogger Leenz said...

PJ: wasn't it u who told us that story about killing ur cactus?? or is my memory failing me??
I can't believe ppl actually come to curtin because of the flower gardens...sad. But on the other hand, think of all the ppl who WOULDN'T come to curtin because they're allergic to pollen and stuff! eh, they didn't think of that did they??
and if they're sooo rich, then why do they still get us to pay their stupid amenitities fees? and why don't they wipe those library fees off every yr so u start the yr with a clean slate? and...(the list continues into curtin's money grubbing ways!!!)

2:08 PM  
Blogger pj said...

dammit i can't believe you remembered that! yes, my cactus died.

bloody hell. taking the piss out of my poor dead cactus.

but yeah, curtin network IS INCREDIBLY money grabbing.

like, the money extorting vending machines, the crap service (service personnel must get paid peanuts, therefore u get monkey service), the freaking expensive printing machines, the horrible toilets (admit it - they're shit), the lack of maintenance everywhere except the bloody gardens, umm.. what else.. well there's heaps.

:) curtin sucks.

6:47 PM  
Blogger ferrarista said...

PJ, your cactus story is legend, my friend!! Ur the only person I know who's managed to kill a cactus!! And I say this after living in Kuwait, which is like blooming with bloody cacti... Hahaha!! Thats just damn funny hey!!

And, and, while I'm here, I have to say something about the damn vending machines...The one in Pharmacy is pure evil!! It has got a freakin vendetta against me, I reckon!!! The damn thing takes my money and then refuses to give out shit hey!! You can kick it and try tilting it over, and still...STILL, it refuses to give me my due!!! Stupid machine!! You'd think that I would have learnt my lesson, but NO!!!! I fuckin go back for more...i.e. until I started funding Curtin's rip-off-international-students-to-attract-more-international-students campaign...

12:34 PM  
Blogger pj said...

OMG! CHRIS! I know which EXACT machine you are talking about!

It's fucking annoying! it's the one near the other exit right?

the TWO vending machines! They steal people's money! Don't buy from those machines! They look deceptively innocent with their 'slightly better' spread of chocs and chips, but maaaan.


That machine LIES. IT LIES, I TELL YOU.

It steals money.
I can personify it as this nasty scheming green monster 'WOLF IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING' - It happily smiles and takes your money and then... NOTHING.

I've given it over $5 before I finally learnt my lesson, I tell you.


4:59 PM  
Blogger Leenz said...

i can't believe how many times u girls used it before u got the picture that it's just money hungry..on the other hand, it was great to me. I saw a chip packet half hanging off (from some other poor bastid beforehand who tried to get something natch) and so i got TWO packets for the price of one =) sigh, it only likes pharmacy students i tells ya!

9:37 PM  
Blogger ferrarista said...

Hahaha!! Those two machines near the exit are exactly the ones I'm referring to!!! They're bloody bastid children hey!!

Stupid machines!!

10:35 PM  
Blogger pj said...

omg your 'packet of chips hanging off' analogy just reminded me of something...

haha! i used to study in MLC and late at night, when we got hungry,we used to run down to the cafeteria (which wld be deserted cos it was like 12am or something), and get something to eat from the vending machines.

Now, my room mate at the time was quite built because she played softball, so she used to do all the 'grunt work', meaning that we would bash ourselves against the machines, hoping to dislodge some lovely food. And usually we did get some. A good haul would be 2 chocolate bars and some chips. :)

And we would run up to our rooms and die laughing on our beds eating the lovely choc and chips.

maaan. those were good days. :)

12:13 PM  
Blogger Leenz said...

ferrarista: yeh u know u luv those machines!!!

PJ: hahahahhahah that reminds me of something Homer Simpson would do!!! Do u remember the episode where his hands get stuck and they realised that he's actually still hanging onto the choc/chip/soda cans??? HAHAHAHAHHA

1:57 PM  
Blogger pj said...

update, dammit.


11:58 AM  

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