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Sunday, April 30, 2006

These are a few of my favourite things *to the tune of Favourite things from Mary Poppins*

Oh man, somebody help me. I have a MAJOR problem....I'm addicted to expensive things *sheepish look* My current obsession is all things Jimmy Choo :o) seriously, the man is a genius. GENIUS I TELLS YA!!!! Take these shoes for examples...how gorgeous are these shoes??? I think they're actually a few seasons old, but I still lurve them!!! So classy and to die for. And speaking of dying, look at the killer heels! Yeh I'd prolly fall flat on my ass walking in them, but hey, at least I would look good doing it! And the bag *sigh* Normally I don't like this disco ball looking design, but for me, it just works here.

That's my Tag watch that I'm going to hit mummy and daddy up for when (IF!!!) I graduate. Thank GOD I didn't buy one of the alter ego series...this one is soooo much nicer!

And to the right of the screen is my (note: MY!!!) DKNY sheets....Chris, I know u know wot I'm talking about ;) Although I'm not sure if gorgeous comfy bedsheets are the way to go for me...I think I spend enough time as it is sleeping in bed with my dingy Target bedsheets. But maybe it's like Miranda's theory in Sex and the City...."if I make my bed comfortable enough for me to want to sleep in it, then maybe someone else will as well"!!! Sigh, I need a boyfriend to by me these things ><

Believe me, I am in no financial position yet to afford these things. I am already having difficulties paying off my $500 credit card with my $15 in the bank!! So at the moment, it looks like my life is going to be filled with Jimmy Ghoos, Bolexes, and PKNYs...Peoples, take note...this is my christmas/bday wishlist for the next couple of years! So don't be sending me shite like stuffed toys, Monopoly money, lucky bamboo trees or woteva otherwise that's the end of our friendship! Yes I'm superficial but love me or hate me I don't care....At least I'll look DAMN good in my new Jimmy's!!!!! mwahahahahah

PS sorry for the retarded formatting, I don't know how to fix it!!!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Wot's up with the Curtin network???

People, puh-lease, for the good of man kind, fix your fucking network!!! We don't pay an arm, a leg and a kidney (well, really I don't pay an arm and a leg because I'm a citizen and put it all on HECS =D but the international students don't pay all of the above) for the network to be down during the time where uni students need it the most! They couldn't have done this during the summer months when the only ppl who needed it were the poor bastids who had to stay behind for summer school. FUCK NO! They have to do it now when students should be on holidays but the bitchass lecturers decided to bombard them with a million and one assignments instead. They're probably thinking "well, if we don't have a holiday cos we're stuck marking student's piece-of-shite done-in-the-last-minute-with-the-intent-that-a-2-is-better-than-zero assignments, than they shouldn't either." Hello ppl??? If you didn't give us sooo many assessment pieces due all at the same time, then we wouldn't have this problem.

But I digress. The point is that Curtin really needs to fix its priorities. They are currently spending all our student fees into fixing the scrubland that's outside Elizabeth Jolley...Ppl, I repeat this...fixing the scrubland!!! Wot the fuck is there to fix??? The rock that's out of place because it's a browny colour where the rest of the scenerey is green? Or the 10year old tree that's just not quite right because it's taller than the other scrubs? It's bad enough that they've blocked off that whole section so us perpetually late comers have no means of getting in other than to either (a) come in through the front and get cained by our lecturers or (b) walk right around so that we're even later, but to spend our fees on landscape rather than fixing the dodgy 10 000yo no-safety-mechanism-so-be-careful-not-to-stick-your-hand-in-unless-you-want-to-end-up-like-Frodo centrifuges in Pharmacy, or the really old comparable to those Ataris and Commodore 64 coms of the 1980s in Engineering is just a laugh. Who is going to notice/care that they've replaced the scrublands with probably yet another flower garden?

Shite, I digressed again...I was suppose to be on the point about Curtin's internet! As well as infecting my already fucked up laptop with their network, another gripe I have is this stupid websense filtering thing. They have blocked out everything, entertainment mostly and chatting but other stuff as well. If you want to access these blocked sites, you have to use your own time (which u have 180mins of). Yeh, I'm sure that looking up the origin of pyrogens is really entertainment. It's completely comparable to getting trashed on a Friday night! Actually, there's a thought...Hm...mabye a new drinking game...a round of shots everytime the word "pyrogen" is mentioned =D Yeh baby!!!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Australian GP 06 podium

Ralf spraying champage after a much deserved 3rd place
Kimi, Fernie and Ralf (and someone we don't care about!!!=D)
Kimi and Fernie....class act of 2005/06 me thinks
Us girls on the podium!!!!!

Australian podium: Kimi, Fernie and Ralf

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Crash's of the day

Schumi's crash on the straight
Juan's crash on the straight
Schumi's wrecked car
Juan's stranded car
Schumi hopping out of the car...how lucky were we to be sitting right across from it??

Friday, April 07, 2006

Sunday's Drivers' Parade

Shumi during the Drivers' Parade
Renault boys perving on the fugly grid girls...the only ones that were looking!
Jenson's rotten luck: engine blowing just 20m from the finish after a close battle with Fisi
Rubens during the Drivers' Parade
Jenson's car

Sunday's Drivers' Parade

Kimi Raikkonen right in front of us during the Drivers' Parade
Fernando Alonso during the Drivers' Parade
Felipe Massa during the Drivers' Parade
Kimi Raikkonen during the Drivers' Parade
Ralf Schumacher during the Drivers' Parade

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Australian GP....BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!

OK, so following is an account of our Melbourne GP trip (done in my favourite team's colours natch!)

4:30 am Struggle to wake up at 4:30am as my flight is at 6am. Am late for the airport and get the shitest seat possible on Virgin Blue (definitely know where the extra money you're paying to fly with Qantas is going!)
8am Arrive in Melbourne and catch a taxi with Pam to our hotel room. Dodgy taxi driver man doesn't know where the hell he is going but gets there in the end. Pay quite a hefty price and think "should've just caught the damn shuttle bus instead!"
1pm Arrive at hotel only to be told that check-in isn't til 2pm. Am feeling like shite after the flight and just want to have a shower! Decide to compensate by going shopping instead and suddenly forget all about feeling like I'm about to hurl :0) Even better since David Jones has a massive 30% off!!!!!
3pm Christabelle arrives and we finally get to see our room...the dodgiest mofo of a room that you will ever see. The toilet didn't flush properly, the telly didn't work, the air conditioning leaked everywhere, the water kept alternating between scolding hot and freezingly cold, dodgy carpets that you could tell hadn't been steam cleaned since the hotel was first built, the list continues. Possibly the only time this hotel would be fully booked is Melbourne GP time.
Arvo All go out into the city. The atmosphere is electrifying and EVERYONE has gone crazy with F1 fever...loving it because as a huge fan of the sport, it's just the way it should be :D
Nothing much happens for the rest of the day.

Arrive on track for the first time to attend the autographying sessions. Get ourselves lost as being girls, we can't navigate a map for shite! Albert Park is HUGE man! Eventually make our way to the autograph stand only to find that the scheduled stars are not really people that we cared about. Have a fucking coronary when I found out that I missed out on Thursday's session which had one of my favourite drivers...Ralf Schumacher. Curse the damn "Official Australian GP program" for not mentioning it AT ALL!!! *spent $12 on that damn mag and was verbally abused by the vendor as well >:( (although I have to admit, the latter was my fault <:% Walk around the track waiting for the Practice Session to start, feeling EXTREMELY imortant when we have to flash our tickets to get into the restricted area zones. 11-12pm Practice Session 1 begins. We take our seats at the Fangio grandstand which is directly across from the pit lane so we have a fantastic view of the start/finish line as well. I tell you, if you've never been to a race before, there is NOTHING like it! NOTHING compares to being there in person, and whatever you watch/hear on telly just doesn't do the sport any justice what-so-ever. The sound of the cars is just explosive to the point where you can actually feel the vibrations even from sitting on the grandstands and your hands shake as you try to take photos. And this is just from the sound of the crappy Midlands, Super Aguri, and Torro Rosso cars! The cars just whizz by so damn quickly that your hand can't move that fast to even film the damn thing on camera let alone try to take a picture (unless you have fantastic reflexes and a damn great shutter speed!) Am sooo thrilled when the drivers actually come out for the practice session as I thought we would be stuck with the 3rd drivers (not that I'd be complaining, but definitely more worthwhile seeing the real deal baby!)
Arvo Stick around for the rest of the day and eat dodgy on track food. Not v.pleasant at all but beggars can't be choosers. However, I highly recommended that you bring along your own food and water because eating on track is like eating a heart attack in a dish and also burns a substantial hole in the pocket. Also spend a small fortune stocking up on merchandise :0)
Evening As we're on our way home, we spot something happening at the Hugo Boss store on Collins St so we stalk the store for just over an hour hoping to get a glimpse of Pam and I's favourite driver....Kimi Raikkonen!!!! We figured that since Hugo Boss is a huge sponsor of Mclaren, Kimi would be in there to celebrate it's 1oth anniversary natch (plus the fact that they pretty much implied that he was in there by hanging his overalls and merchandise in the front window.) So we're standing there on our tip toes trying to catch a glimpse of the people inside, trying to desperately figure out how the hell to get inside. The security guard (who was this HUGE, intimidating, 6-foot-plus African man) kept ushering us along and I have to tell you, I nearly shat my pants when he would stand next to me. However, he actually turned out to be REALLY nice! So we finally get our first ever glimpse of an F1 driver up close and guess who it was.....David Coulthard. DC??? Didn't he leave Mclaren at the end of 2004???? What the hell was he doing at Hugo Boss?? Maybe just a VIP shopper, who knows but as much as we like DC, we were mightily disappointed. However, Pam did manage to get quite a good photo of him so will post it up just to prove that I'm not lying!

5:30am Averaged 4 hours sleep the previous night (our fault...we went out for drinks at St Kilda!) and woke up feeling like we'd been hit by a 10 tonne truck (a Mclaren road truck would be nice, however knowing my luck, would've just been a regular road train hauling something like horse manuoure!) Step outside and I tell you, it was like being punched in the stomach 10 000 times and having the wind knocked out of you it was that bloody cold!!! And I was wearing thongs instead of closed in shoes.
7am Get to track and stand around for hours for the pit straight walk. So, having to wait for what seemed like hours in the freezing cold (Melbourne's weather is just plain bitter man) and being sleep deprived did NOT make me a happy camper. Finally get inside the gates and feel like sheep as we're all flocking in the same direction getting drilled by officials yelling at us to "keep off the grass" (why?? It's not like the cars weren't going to drive over them in a couple of hours anyways) and to "keep moving along". All in all, I'm not really sure the pit straight walk was worth it. You're on the track side rather than inside the pit lane and hardly any of the garages were open.
2pm After going home and getting some much needed sleep, we come back for quali. Nothing much happened except that it started drizzling for a bit so I went out and bought 3 ponchos and what do you know, it stopped. Yeh, that'd be right. And also we kept getting these weird looks from everyone (it wasn't until later that we found out we were in the wrong seats! Oops)

Started with the drivers' parade which was fantastic because Kimi's car was RIGHT in front of us! And there were these really cute Japanese girls sitting behind us SHRIEKING his name like he was the lead singer of a boyband or something! So he did the obligatory wave thing and we all waved back (seriously, why do we wave back?? Like the driver's really give 2 shites!) and quite grateful that they did scream the way they did otherwise I don't really think he would've looked up.
1:30pm The cars were setting up on the grid and we were in a great spot because Kimi and Ralf were pretty much right in front of us. During the set up though, we did notice that Flavio approached Ralf and they seemed to be quite friendly with eachother...hm, maybe a Renault contract for Ralf perhaps??? Trying to take photos of Kimi was impossible as everyone seemed to be crowding his car (strangely enough, seemed to be relatively few people surrounding JPM though!)
So I won't go through the race in detail as people have watched/heard about it, but I will mention the weirdnest of the race.
1. Schumi hitting the kurb in a relatively straight line was just weird. You wouldn't expect that from someone of his calibre and at a time when he was getting quite close to Button as well. Still, we were directly across from this so I wasn't complaining!
2. JPM going out in pretty much the exact spot as Schumi. Stopped the car right in front of us so we took some pretty good shots of that. You should've heard the people around us giving him shite though. I guess he's not a favoured son in Australia!
3. Button's engine letting go in a spectacular cloud of smoke, 20m from the finish line after a great battle with Fisi which in no doubt in my mind would've (and should've) gone done to the wire was just horrible horrible luck. I actually thought he had locked the brakes at first (and thought he was a bit retarded for slowing on the pit straight) until I saw the smoke (who's the retard now huh??)

And on a final note....
* highly recommended that everyone attend as many GPs as they can. This was such a fantastic experience and there's nothing like hearing 22 cars revving it up on the starting grid. I think I'm a bit hard of hearing now but was it worth it??? HELL YEH!!!!
* it was great catching up with you girls again and I really hope we can all get together some time soon and do it all again...maybe get better tickets this time yeh?? So who else burned a huge hole in the pockets?? Was it worth it??? HELL YEH!!!
*could not believe my luck when out of all the hundreds of people in the crowd, a fucking bird decides to shite on me. Seriously, what are the damn chances??? Still, must've brought them luck cos both Kimi AND Ralf made it onto the podium. So was it worth it??? HELL YEH!!!
* I got sunburnt like mad...yep, sunglass tan and all. First looked like a tomato (or as Pam put it, like I'd been drinking heavily...thanks chicky) then looked like the old bird from Something About Mary and now look like Hannibal Lectre when he puts that skin on his face because my sunburn is beginning to peel something shocking. Was it worth it??? HELL YES!!!!

Final FINAL note:
* does anyone know how to get corporate/VIP tickets for GPs???
* does anyone know what Fisi's race engineer said to him during the race?