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Saturday, October 21, 2006

This much I know

It's funny how things turn out in life sometimes. One moment you're on a magic carpet ride (hehe, yes I am thinking of Aladdin) and the next....BAM!!! That carpet has been yanked from under you so damn fast that you're left with not only a bad case of whiplash but also wondering if that carpet really was the ride you should've been on in the first place...maybe it was like one of those dodgy Royal Show rides where you get cheap thrills for a max of 30s after paying an hour's worth of wages followed by what feels like a lifetime of nausea and repeated claims of "I'm NEVER doing that again" in between brief periods of hurling the remains of your fairy floss or your dagwood dogs.

Why the random thought? I have realised that I am the Agony Aunt of all my relatives and close friends. People who I have close relationships with seem to turn to me when they have problems with their relationships or life in general. I am quite baffled as to why they would since when it comes to both, it would seem that I am as clueless as a weather man trying to forecast the Melbourne weather report for the following day, let alone the upcoming week. At least, it is quite obvious to me anyways.
Most of their problems seem to involve relationships and these fall under 2 extremes. One is that they are with fuckwit boyfriends from the very beginning which means that I, as their good friend, am obligated to listen to every little fight they've ever had with the patience of a meditating monk. But there's no talking sense into these people. They are in love and what I've noticed is that you can never talk a person out of being in love just as you can never explain the feeling to a person who hasn't been in love. At the other end of the scale, I have those friends who have started with a fairytale beginning beginning followed by an absolute bombshell. Something that has come from soooo far left field that you react like a possum in headlights...frozen, eyes wide open and wondering what the fuck happened and where did it fall apart. And what I've noticed is that regardless of who the person is, love can make even the strongest, most hard headed person become a stack of cards...the framework is there but it's ready to collapse at any second...and it usually does. The classic questions of "why me?" and "what's wrong with me?" inevitably rear their fugly heads. For my part, the conversations always end with "trust me when I say that everything will be fine". Their response? A very angry, practically spitting reply of "You. Don't. Fucking. Know. That." But the thing is, don't ask me how or why, but I do know. Because everything, evenutally always IS fine. You deal with whatever curveballs life seems to pelt in your direction and after periods of broken bones (or in this case, broken hearts) you come out generally unscathed. And I guess in these times when u feel so low that it makes u question and doubt urself, u need ur friends to help pick u up. Which brings me back to the start. Love (and life) is like that rollercoaster ride at the show. Full of ups and downs, twists and bends that initially have u feeling like u're on top of the world, followed by periods of nausea and black outs, and then after u've had time to settle down and recuperate before u know it u're bak to ur old self again. And after swearing that you'll never get urself into that mess ever again, the next time the show comes around, in spite of urself, u find u're on that ride again.
My final thought: is it better to have loved and lost than to not have loved at all??

Thursday, September 21, 2006

soooo bored

I have nothing to blog about!!!!

For the first time in my life I am actually speechless...I am without speech!!!

So ppl, give me something interesting to blog about....

SSSIIIGGGGHHHHH....it's sad that my life is really THAT boring.....

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Made Ins.....

I was having a conversation with friends over dinner when I was up in Darwin this time (another boganland in a country full of them where the official fashion sense consists of men in stubbie shorts and rubber booger thongs...comfort over style huh??) and the subject of the "made in....." came up. This was actually quite interesting because have u stopped to think about how much the country that manufactures things influences our decisions?

European is better than Asian. This is well known fact. There is a reason why Made in Asia things are soooo much cheaper than European items, and it has nothing to do with the poor 6 year old with bleeding fingers in the corner. Asians tend to manufacture things in bulk to cut costs...or maybe it's because it's easier to make "you buy 10 t shirts and I'll throw in one for free" sound like it's a real bargain despite the fact that the total cost of materials and labour equates to a box of matches.

Examples: All things Italian are fan-fooking-tastic!!! Italian wood, Italian leather, Italian shoes...

And just in case you're not getting the all Italian thing, how can I forget the beloved Italian cars?? Apparently Furlahlees look much better in red, but this car is DAMN sexy!!! Wouldn't mind somebody slipping this one into my Christmas stocking sometime soon. (It's a Modena just in case there are some of you whose car vocabulary, like me, consists of "you know, the car that goes really supa dupa fast. And its damn sexy looking." To which the guy, if he's Asian will say "wot? A skyline??" FUCK NO not a skyline!!!)
Other European shout outs go to Germany (Beamers, Mercedes) and London (land of Jimmy's), Paris (Chanel) ...*drool*

Still don't believe me? Well, have you picked up a Made in China anything these days? Let's just say that they unravel faster than it takes Paris Hilton to remove her knickers (which is pretty damn quick)...and just as cheap!! Other examples include Made in India, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand. As for Indonesia?? Fuggedaboutit! Of course that doesn't stop them from producing really crappy imitations of LV bags, CD sunnies, Chanel handbags. You know the scary thing?? They are getting soooo good at the imitations that it's getting harder to pick the real from the fake. This means that when us girls finally get the chance to buy a real designer anything, we'll prolly have some bastid child sneering as us with the "it's soooo, like, totally fake" look. Life's a biatch.

So in conclusion....


Or this??

Yup, that's wot I thought!!!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

World Cup Fever...IT'S ON!!

Ok ppl, sorry for the long leave of absence...but apart from exams I also have nothing to blog abt so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!

So I'm sure our household aren't the only ones who have caught World Cup Fever. I have to say though, I am quite disappointed with this years Cup...I mean, where r all the cute guys?? I remember back in my day, soccer used to be filled with great looking guys. There would always be AT LEAST one cute guy in each team but this year??? NADA! Think about it statistically...there are 11 players to a team (obviously not including the subs) from 20 different nationalities....that is a potential of 220 good looking guys. So I ask, where did they all go?? I mean, I know there's more to life than being really really REALLY ridiculously good looking but u have to admit the games themselves have not been all that entertaining so they have to give us something else rite?? Even the very entertaining Oscar deserving acting which includes numerous variations of the clutching of the ankles and rolling around as if in great agony becomes quite tiresome after the first 40...but I have to admit, I am still loving the attempts at the "spectacular kicks" (the ones where they do the reverse fly kick legs flaying in the air kind). NOTE TO SOCCER PLAYERS: if u must attempt this manouver, PUH LEASE for the sake of embarrassing urselves, at least make contact with the ball! This does not mean that the ball actually has to go INTO the net but at least fudge it enough so that it doesn't seem like u r a complete retard. See Peter Crouch and John Aloisi for examples. HANG UR HEAD IN SHAME BOYS!!!!

ps is it just me or has there been a number of "inappropriate touching" in these games?? I mean, save it for off field ppls!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My point of view

Plenty of bad things happen to good ppl. As much as we hate this to happen, it's true. And I hate hearing that bullshite about "well, it could be worse" or when ppl tell u that it's not as bad as the position so-and-so is in. This may be true, but how does wot happened to my 3rd cousin twice removed have anything to do with me? The reason my problems are bigger than everyone else's is because THEY ARE MY PROBLEMS (I'm sure u feel that ur problems are bigger than everyone else's). Yeh, they may be miniscule compared to other ppl, but that doesn't make me feel better or help me solve my issues. And trust me, there have been a number of dark days when I couldn't, no matter how hard I tried, see the silver lining. It was all pitch black...
Has anyone really thought about the consequences of their own actions? I know I definitely don't. When I say or do mean things, I don't sit there and wonder how that's affecting the other person or if they're still going to be upset with me 20yrs later. I don't intentionally mean to upset ppl, I'm not vindictive. But I'm not into guessing games either. If I've crossed the line, I expect that u will tell me, not give me the silent treatment and expect that I'm a mind reader. Believe me, if I've felt that you've crossed the line, I'll let u know. I'm not the type of person who dwells over things. I don't hold grudges. It's happened, it's passed, get over it.
There are many decisions in my life where, if given the chance, I would've gone back and done differently. Maybe things would've turned out better if I had've gone the other way, then again maybe not.
Friends and family are the most important things to me. Fuck with them, and all hell will break loose. I expect a lot from these two groups, but I don't expect them to do for me wot I'm not willing to do for them. I like making friends but I won't keep friendships if they're too much trouble or if it's not genuine. I don't like fake people. People shouldn't have to work at being friends with someone. From past experience, relationships with partners are hard enough to maintain and friends are supposed to be a relief from that. I have a group of friends who I know I will eventually lose contact with and it's sad in a way, but that's ok with me. I enjoy them for the time that they're here and when we go our separate ways, at least we'll have the good memories . Wot's important to me is that I maintain the ones that REALLY matter, the ones who've seen me thru good and bad.

So wot is my pt in all this rambling?????

My pt is that things happen in life, some things we have control over, others not so. But without the miseries, how do we know how to enjoy the success? We can either live and learn, or sit and dwell. The way I see it, u can either accept ur faults (because NOBODY is perfect) try to fix them and move on, or hold grudges and focus on the bad things and forever feel sorry for urself. Chances are, if u do the latter, u'll end up even more miserable than ever. Sure there'll be times when things don't go the way u want them to and it's fine to be upset about them but I guess it's the choices that u make that shape u into who u are today. It's how well u deal with fallbacks that either make u stronger or weaker. U shouldn't let anyone else bring u down in the same way that u shouldn't depend on someone else to pick u up. Friends are a great support system when u feel low, but in the end it's all about the confidence u have to be able to bring urself back up. Mistakes and regrets are for yesterday.

It's like Red says in Shawshank Redemption: "GET BUSY LIVING OR GET BUSY DYING"

Which one are u???

Friday, May 12, 2006


I am feeling like SHITE ppl (and look like it too if I say so myself!) I have somehow caught the cold off someone else (not hard, apparently they're quite common). I have a bit of a stuffy nose (which consequently makes me drool all over my pillow and I fookin' HATE it when that happens) and my throat is bloody killing me! I swear it feels like instead of downing shots, I've accidentally grabbed a handful of razor blades instead and in my delerious state, have just kept throwing them back. My throat is that red raw...I have been gargling this Betadine Throat Gargle which incidentally I always recommend to ppl in the pharmacy and fat lot of good that's doing!! I honestly think they've just bottled up Listerine Mouthwash and chucked a bit of brown colouring in it and sold it for $13 for a 10mL bottle.

In case u haven't noticed, I am an absolute baby when it comes to being even slightly sick. I really want my mum here to look after me, which prolly wouldn't be such a good idea cos she'd tell me 2 things: (1) "go see the doctor", and (2) "wot do u mean u're paralytic, have a temperature of 150 degrees and coughing ur lungs up?! Get ur ass to school and start studying!" Have u noticed that Asian 'rents are always insisting that u go and see a doctor, even if u have a miniscule problem such as a grazed knee? "Wah, mite be infected, go see a doctor." But the minute it's their turn to see a doctor, all hell breaks loose. They absolutely REFUSE to go even if they're having a heart attack (no joke, my daddy was having one and didn't tell us that anything was wrong until FOUR FUCKING HOURS LATER!!!)

But back to me...so in my state of illness, my great housemate stuck a note on my door saying "hope u feel better soon and let me know if i can do anything besides cooking." Lovely sentiments and all however, turns out it was actually ME cooking for HER!!! (yeh, u know who u r biatch!!) But that's ok, I take great comfort in the fact that I coughed all over her food!!! MWHAHAHA

SO......on a final note, enough about me, let's talk about u....so wot do u think about me??? ;)

OK ppl, I'm sorry, I think I'm a bit delerious at this stage!

Sunday, April 30, 2006

These are a few of my favourite things *to the tune of Favourite things from Mary Poppins*

Oh man, somebody help me. I have a MAJOR problem....I'm addicted to expensive things *sheepish look* My current obsession is all things Jimmy Choo :o) seriously, the man is a genius. GENIUS I TELLS YA!!!! Take these shoes for examples...how gorgeous are these shoes??? I think they're actually a few seasons old, but I still lurve them!!! So classy and to die for. And speaking of dying, look at the killer heels! Yeh I'd prolly fall flat on my ass walking in them, but hey, at least I would look good doing it! And the bag *sigh* Normally I don't like this disco ball looking design, but for me, it just works here.

That's my Tag watch that I'm going to hit mummy and daddy up for when (IF!!!) I graduate. Thank GOD I didn't buy one of the alter ego series...this one is soooo much nicer!

And to the right of the screen is my (note: MY!!!) DKNY sheets....Chris, I know u know wot I'm talking about ;) Although I'm not sure if gorgeous comfy bedsheets are the way to go for me...I think I spend enough time as it is sleeping in bed with my dingy Target bedsheets. But maybe it's like Miranda's theory in Sex and the City...."if I make my bed comfortable enough for me to want to sleep in it, then maybe someone else will as well"!!! Sigh, I need a boyfriend to by me these things ><

Believe me, I am in no financial position yet to afford these things. I am already having difficulties paying off my $500 credit card with my $15 in the bank!! So at the moment, it looks like my life is going to be filled with Jimmy Ghoos, Bolexes, and PKNYs...Peoples, take note...this is my christmas/bday wishlist for the next couple of years! So don't be sending me shite like stuffed toys, Monopoly money, lucky bamboo trees or woteva otherwise that's the end of our friendship! Yes I'm superficial but love me or hate me I don't care....At least I'll look DAMN good in my new Jimmy's!!!!! mwahahahahah

PS sorry for the retarded formatting, I don't know how to fix it!!!